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 „It is estimated that there are approximately 7 000 valuable string instruments remaining in the world of which nine are in Estonia thanks to the support of private investors. The instruments give our musicians the opportunity for successful world level performances as having a high quality instrument is a necessary prerequisite for making a breakthrough in the top competition as a orchestra or chamber musician as well as a soloist, explained Marje Lohuaru, board member of the Instrument Foundation.


Andrus Haav, concertmaster of the Estonia orchestra performed using a 19th century violin built by the French instrument maker Auguste Sebastien Bernandel (Père). The viola built before the year 1 700, probably by the instrument maker Thomas Urquhart in England, displayed its soft sounds in the hands of Johanna Vahermägi, lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Valle-Rasmus Rootsi, a student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre made audible the sound nuances of the cello made by the Italian master Celeste Faro in 1904.