Instruments’ Users

Gloria Ilves

Student of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Gloria Ilves is playing on the violin made by the master Joseph (Giuseppe) GAGLIANO (1770-1780).

Theodor Sink

ENSO’s Principle Cello
Auguste Sébastien BERNARDEL (Père) (1842)

Hans Christian Aavik

Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main student
Giovanni Paolo MAGGINI (1610)

Linda-Anette Verte

Vanemuine Theatre Foundation orchestra concertmaster
Giuseppe (Joseph) & Antonio GAGLIANO (1775–1780)

Leho Karin

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra cello concertmaster
Francois Fourrier NICOLAS (1798)

Johanna Vahermägi

Estonian Academy of Musicand Theatre lecturer
Thomas URQUHART (1650–1700)

Katariina Maria Kits

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre student
Enrico CATENAR (1680)

Andrus Haav

Estonian National Opera concertmaster
Auguste Sebastien BERNARDEL (1830-1840)

Valle-Rasmus Roots

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre student
Celeste FAROTTI (1904)

Mari Poll

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra assistant concert master
Nicola & Giuseppe GAGLIANO (1723)

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