Francois Fourrier Nicolas

Year: 1798

Son and student of Francois Nicolas I. In 1784 he started work as an independent master. He was appointed as instrument maker to the Royal Music School of Paris. All string instruments in Napoleon’s court orchestra were built by him so it is possible that such is the case with the given instrument. He used the Stradivarius model, very carefully choosing the wood. Care has been taken to ensure proportion exactness. His cellos demonstrate great mastery, beautiful in appearance and with full sound.

The cello has been certified by Hieronymus Köstler (Stuttgart).


Leho Karin

Cello concertmaster at the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra

Other instruments:

Giovanni Paolo Maggini

Year: 1610

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Year: 1670

Nicola & Giuseppe (Joseph) GAGLIANO

Year: 1723

Giuseppe (Joseph) GAGLIANO and his brother Antonio’s joint work

Year: 1775–1780

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Year: 1842

Vigneron Joseph Artur

Violin's bow
Year: 1890

Claude Auguste Thomassin

Cello bow
Year: 1890

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Paavo Järvi