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Mari Poll-Novakovic plays on a Foundation’s violin made by Naples’ luthiers Nicola and Joseph Gagliano. In 2023, the fine instrument held its 300th birthday as it was crafted in 1723.

The dynasty of Gagliano luthiers is known even now – 18 instrument experts are of famous Gagliano heritage. Many generations of this family have provided their invaluable input for the classical music world since many remarkable musicians use their instruments. It is said that the Gagliano instruments aided in defining the understanding of an Italian violin.

Gagliano instruments are a great example of a marvellous quality craftsmanship, and the value of these instruments keeps growing in time. Does the reason lie in high quality wood or the methods of the luthiers – who knows. Yet, it is impossible to copy the sound of century-old instruments.

Mari Poll-Novakovic characterises the Gagliano violin as a soft, warm, elegant, yet rich and bright sounding instrument which enables the musician to pair more tones and develop the performance quality.

EFMI’s collection holds multiple Gagliano’s instruments, originating from the second half of the 18th Century and played by Gloria Ilves and Robert Traksmann.

The oldest instrument in EFMI’s collection is a violin made in 1610 by Giovanni Paolo Maggini.