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„The Sapožnin family has made an extraordinary gift to friends of music by giving the historical instrument used by one of Estonia’s most well-known musicians into use by a young violinist. The instrument gives the violinist the opportunity to successfully perform on the world level and give classical music admirers extraordinary experiences“ said the Instrument Foundation Board Member Marje Lohuaru.

„The family legend says that when the grandfather was offered the opportunity to buy the instrument while on tour in Moscow, Boba managed to loan the required money from top Soviet Union musicians within one day. David Oistrahh, another famous violinist heard about the deal the next day and tried to persuade the master selling the violin to take back the deal and sell the instrument to him instead. Grandfather Boba remained as the instrument’s owner as the deal was complete – the money had been paid“ explained Vladimir Sapožnin how the instrument reached the family.