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The violin belonging to the Sapožnin family, is the oldest in the collection of the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments and is one of the most outstanding musical instruments. It was given in 2017 into the use of Hans Christian Aavik, for a limited period. The violin was built around 1610 by the Italian instrument maker, Giovanni Paolo Maggini. The violin served the Estonian artist Vladimir “Boba” Sapožnin, throughout his long career. The violin is certified by Andreas Post (Amsterdam).

This year’s competition for string players was dedicated to the 115th birth anniversary of the Estonian composer Eduard Tubin. The chairman of the international jury of the competition was Professor Kristel Pappel of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. The jury included Eva Bindere (Latvia), Susie Mészáros (England), Jan-Erik Gustafsson (Finland) and Jiri Parviainen (Finland).

Three public rounds took place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and in the finals, the musicians were soloists together with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

Photographer: Lembit Michelson, Meelis Adamson