Iris Eva Aabloo, Hanna Maria Semper, Teodor Juko Hiiemaa, Karmen Urb, Grettel Erik and Martin Chhabra will start studies, according to the decision of the Council of the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments, in the international training of instrument experts.

Iris Eva Aabloo, Hanna Maria Semper and Teodor Juko Hiiumaa are students of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: Iris Eva specialised in violin, Hanna Maria viola and Teodor Juko cello. Karmen Urb is a violin graduate of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, who works in the Eller Music School in Tartu. Grettel Erik has specialised in viola studies in the youth department of the Sibelius Academy and Martin Chhabra is a master of woodwork and entrepreneur.

The total of four training sessions will take place in Tampere, Helsinki and Tallinn. The trainers are recognised instrument makers with long term experience – Karin Grobel-Eneh, Ilkka Vainio and Susan Stedman. The preliminary training of the series of trainings will be held on 2 March, in Tallinn and it will be led by the senior instrument master Raivo Hiiemaa.