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The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments has announced collaboration with Dextra fond of DNB Bank of Norway to exchange experiences and provide opportunities for musicians to perform in exchange concerts.

A successful example of this exchange of experience is the seminar held in September 2022 at the Eesti Pank Museum, which focused on investing in historical stringed instruments and art. Anders Bjørnsen, head of the art and music collection at Norway’s Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, shared his expertise at the seminar. Sparebankstiftelsen DNB has one of the world’s largest collections of strings (Dextra Music) and an art collection worth hundreds of millions of euros. The seminar can be watched on Youtube.

On 26 November 2022, the opening of Konrad Mägi’s personal exhibition “Konrad Mägi. The Great Figure of Estonian Painting” took place at the Lillehammer Art Museum in Norway. The exhibition was opened by Mrs Sirje Karis, among the attendees was Anders Bjørnsen, Director of DNB Dextra Music Norway.

Musical performances were provided by Alfred Linus Wang, a student of Prof. Peter Herresthal at the Norwegian Academy of Music, who plays violin for the Dextra Foundation, and the young Estonian interpreter Triinu Piirsalu. They performed Hillar Kareva’s Sonata-Fantasia Op. 4 and Henning Kraggerud’s Duo for Two Violins.

The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments has also cooperated with The Finnish Cultural Foundation, whose experts support the Estonian Foundation with their services. Young Estonian instrument masters have also visited Finland to acquire knowledge and skills.