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„The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments is a superb example of cooperation between businesses and people in the cultural field. It is a new form of patronage in our cultural field, through which a business can unite its values and spiritual interests, with business interests. It is not only a monetary investment, but a long term devotion, in which the virtuoso playing the instrument, the instrument owner and many friends of music in Estonia as well as the broader world participate and gain experiences. If the instrument is used for performing works by Estonian composers, then in reality, the viability and opportunities of our compositions is increased, which augments our musical history“, explained the Minister of Culture, Tõnis Lukas, at the presentation of the instrument.

The violin was presented to the selected musician, Gloria Ilves, who is a student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, by the composer Arvo Pärt. Also on the 29th of May, at the Instrument Foundation concert at the Arvo Pärt Centre, Katariina Maria Kits, who is studying at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, was presented with the violin made in the year 1680 by the violin master Enrico Catenari from Naples. The Instrument Foundation purchased the instrument, with the support of the cultural endowment, a couple of years ago and the instrument had been used until now by Hanna-Liis Nahkur, who plays in the group of 1st violins in the ENSO. Katariina’s use of the instrument is also for a restricted period.

„Historical high quality string instruments are extremely expensive, but without them, Estonian musicians would not be visible in the international competition and the culture of string instruments would not develop. Investing in instruments is still somewhat of an unknown field, but interest in it is increasing“, said the member of the board of the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments, Marje Lohuaru.