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„The Instrument Foundation’s aim has been to find historical and valuable instruments and bringing them to Estonian investors who are interested in developing Estonian musical culture and are fearless of a new investment area. Investors who give the instruments through the foundation to Estonian musicians give them opportunities to perform successfully on world stages. Owning a high quality string instrument is a required prerequisite for international top acclaim as an orchestra musician, chamber musician or soloist“ said Marje Lohuaru, Board Member of the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments.

The Instrument Foundation’s council vice-chairman Toomas Velmet gave an overview of the Instrument Foundation’s role, value of historic instruments and their background.

„With time, all instruments except string instruments become useless. String instruments produced by historical top masters increase significantly in quality over time and they are valued more and more in the music world. It is estimated that only about 7 000 quality instruments have been preserved in the world so in addition to quality the value of instruments also increases over time“, said Toomas Velmet, vice-chairman of the council of the Instrument Foundation.

The minister of culture Indrek Saar spoke about the meaning of the Instrument Foundation in Estonia’s cultural area.

„My and the Estonian Ministry of Culture’s special thanks belongs to the Instrument Foundation’s idea realiser Marje Lohuaru who performed miracles on behalf of Estonian musicians within European instrument agencies as well as among Estonian companies. Thanks to the given work these precious instruments reach our best musicians creating new opportunities. I thank all experts, musicians and companies who have contributed to the Instrument Foundation“, said the minister of culture Indrek Saar.