Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments provides young Estonian musicians access to valuable, world class string instruments.

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String instruments such as the violin, viola and cello, are the only instrument types for which time adds value and improves the instrument’s sound quality. Today the string instruments built from the 17th to 19th centuries are considered most valuable – time has not harmed them at all. Currently 7000 string instruments from the given period have been preserved and seven instruments are located in Estonia.

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"I am sincerely privileged to recognise and thank the founders of the Estonian Musical Instrument Foundation and encourage all music friends with social responsibility to support the foundation."

Minister of Culture
Indrek Saar

Invest in instruments!

EFMI offers the opportunity to invest in instruments with immense historical and musical value returning the investment on the agreed upon maturity date. The Foundation will provide the instrument to a carefully chosen Estonian musician while taking responsibility for the instrument’s conservation, maintenance and insurance.

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"We are among the founders of the Foundation to establish a perfect example of cooperation between sectors. The Foundation has extensive monetary requirements which is a match with our main activities."

Director Swedbank Estonia
Robert Kitt

Donate your instrument to an Estonian musician!

EFMI permits placing your precious idle instrument into use by an Estonian musician. The Instrument Foundation will provide advice, evaluations and will coordinate transactions for obtaining valuable instruments.

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Instrument Foundation Opening Event

On March 12th the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra gave a concert conducted by the Paris, Frankfurt and Tokyo NHK symphony orchestra as well as the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie chief conductor maestro Paavo Järvi in the Estonia concert hall.

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"The Foundation provides the future for our music. The Foundation is the future of our performers, orchestras and composers. Instruments obtained with the help of the Foundation enhance our cultural story.”

Eri Klas

About the Instrument Foundation

There is a limited amount of valuable string instruments in the world and their value is increasing every day.

The Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments intends to obtain 2-4 rare instruments per year and they will be used by our young performers.

On December 7th 2015 at the initiative of the Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture, Swedbank Ltd, Estonian National Culture Foundation and maestro Paavo Järvi founded the Estonian Foundation of Musical Instruments.


Swedbank Ltd

Estonian National Culture Foundation

Paavo Järvi

Board Member

Marje Lohuaru

Foundation’s Council

Sven Jürgenson

Toomas Velmet
Estonian National Culture Foundation

Juko-Mart Kõlar
Republic of Estonia, Ministry of Culture

Paavo Järvi

"Investing in the instrument foundation is a socially responsible investment that promotes Estonian culture and musical life as well as provides support to outstanding young musicians. I am very honoured to be a participant in establishing the foundation and making my contribution to it."

Paavo Järvi